Thorough Civil Surveying Review Workshop

Increase your chances of passing the Special Civil Exam in Engineering Surveying of the California Civil Professsional Engineering Examination as many have done in the past.

About the Workshops

The workshop is designed to improve the candidate's efficiency and confidence. Each day, different engineering surveying topics will be discussed, followed by examples and discussion. The participants are expected to finish the assigned homework problems from the practice exam and be ready to discuss them in the next workshop.
The Workshop Outline Includes:
  • California Law as Applied to Engineer vs. Surveyor
  • Surveying Equipment & Their Applications
  • Linear Distance Measurements with Corrections for Systematic Errors
  • Leveling, including Profile, Cross-Section, & Reciprocal Leveling
  • Traverse Computations, Adjustment, & Area Computations
  • Topographic Surveys, Mapping, & Scales
  • Highway Curves, Volume, & Mass Diagram
  • Construction Staking
  • Photogrammetry
  • Global Positioning System
  • Survey Planning: Office & Field Procedures
Thorough Civil Surveying Review Workshop
Please Note:
As part of the registration fee, the applicant will receive a copy of the Civil Surveying Review Workbook. Those that are not able to attend the workshop may purchase the workbook for $130.
Please contact us to learn more about the Civil Surveying Review Workshop
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