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What Should You Ask Before Signing up for a Review Course?
The success of Civil Surveying Review Workshop has been so phenomenal that many other vendors have tried to copy Reza's material and  offer review classes of their own.  

So here is what you should ask the vendor before you sign up.

1-Is the vendor a Professional Civil Engineer and, or a Professional Land Surveyor in the State of California?    If they have not obtained their California Registration, then how are they able to teach the subject matter effectively?

2-How long has the vendor been  consistently  offering a review class?   Be weary of vendors that  come and go.  Do not fall for "free repeat" offers. Many vendors go out of business before honoring such an offer.

3-Ask specific questions of the vendor regarding their professional experience, and how they plan on conducting the workshops.  A good practitioner shares his/her past experience to instill confidence in you.  Many  former Civil Surveying Review participants have walked out of the exam knowing that they would be Registered Civil Engineer.

4-Ask coworkers, peers and others if they would recommend the vendor?  The best advertisement for a review class is through word of mouth.  If no one has heard of a review course, be cautious.  

5- Is the vendor passionate about the subject matter?   Ask around to see if past participants noticed passion in the vendors style of delivery.  A passionate educator sparks interest which will improve your chance of passing the test.

6-Is the vendor available after the review class is over to answer questions? The vendor must be available to respond to your questions before and after the exam.
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