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About the Instructor & the Workshop

Since 1992, I've served the state of California as a professional civil engineer, and I've been sharing my knowledge since 1994. In 1998, I began to offer the civil surveying review course in the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay areas. Due to my vast experience and style of delivery, the passing rate for my class has been at least twice the statewide passing rate.  The referrall rate to the workshop is well over 97%. 

Professional Success

Workshop participants have come from across California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida and even the East Coast. My workbook  has been sold locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Educational Background

My educational background consists of earning a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1985, and a M.S. in Civil Engineering in 1987. Both degrees are from the University of New Orleans.


Over the years, there has been so many comments about the workshop.  Below are just a few excerpts.

-The weekly quizzes were excellent addition to your workshop.  Awesome. TM 

-I Took several books to the exam, but your work-book was all I needed.  Thank you.  JB

-Others claim that they are no. 1, I tired them, but no success.  Your workshop is number one in the state.  keep up the good work Mr. Mahallati.

-I knew I passed the exam as soon as they announced the time.  Your class was the best.  RP

-Your workshop was so interesting that I am seriously thinking of taking the LS Exam. Am I crazy?  PK

-You were right about the little things. The "Dos and Don'ts" saved my neck.  Thanks.  KJ

-I tried another workshop, and there is no comparison.  You nailed it.  Keep up the good work. JM

-Reza, next time I see you, I will buy lunch as a token of my appreciation.  TM

-Your workshop was recommended to me by a co-worker.  Now I know why. AB

-Thank you Reza Mahallati.  I am a PE now. ZJ

-Your style of delivery was superb.  BB

-Thanks for not using fancy words to get your point across.  I appreciated that.  CR

-I am a Mechanical Engineer, and I passed the test on the first try. ED

-Thanks for the short cuts.  I put the coordinate geometry to good use.  Awesome! PK

-I did not pass, but I know I will pass it next time.  Your work book is very realistic. NZ

-I took your workshop upon my supervisor's recommendation.  I am glad I did.  You have such a reputation   
around here.  RT

-I ordered your review book, I live on the East Coast, and found it to be very effective. Thanks. KK

-You are right, I'll never look at surveying the same way.  Great workshop.  AM

-Mr. Mahallati provides a clear and systematic review of all the topics covered in the test specifications for the California Special Surveying Examination. His review manual and deliberate teaching methods will give you the edge you need to pass the exam. AM

-Your class made all the difference. Board made it tough but you made it easy. I appreciate your tutoring and knowledge. AS

-While taking the test, I kept asking myself; where are the hard problems? Wow. EH

- I passed. I like to sit through your class again.  GB

-31 years after getting my B.S. degree in civil engineering and after a 20-year career change, taking and completing your review workshop was the only way I was able to pull off a passing grade in this exam. Thanks. VN


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